Hyundai Eon Stereo Frame Hyundai Eon Stereo Frame For Double Din Stereo

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₹2998 ₹2190

Hyundai Eon Stereo Frame

Autoverse offers Hyundai Eon stereo frame for your double din music systems. The Hyundai Eon Stereo Fascia frame designed with high quality ABS plastic hence making it very durable.

Double Din Stereo Frame for Hyundai Eon Frame Model comes with installation bracket and tabs so that it can be install easily. The Hyundai Eon Stereo Fascia Frame stereo frame is suitable for all kinds of music system available in market. Hyundai Eon Stereo Fascia frame is compatible with all the universal double din music players whether it is android or normal MP5 Players.

  • Material: ABS300 Plastic-
  • Model: Hyundai Eon
  • Compatibility: Double Din Stereo

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